Is it better to get divorced during the summer?

| Mar 11, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you’re thinking about divorce, you may be wondering when the ideal time for the split really is. Should you call it off immediately? Should you do it over the summer?

Does the timing of your divorce even matter? Here are the things you should consider.

Do you have children? They can impact the timing of your divorce.

There is evidence that divorce tends to happen more in the spring and summer months, perhaps because people are spending more time together and the kids are not in school. In many ways, those children are a key factor. How you want the process to go for them may determine when you split up. 

For instance, getting divorced over the summer may allow you to be through much of the process by the following school year. If the children are going to move or switch schools, this ensures that it does not happen in the middle of the year, which can be harder for them. Even if they’re staying in the same school, they may prefer not to go through the process at that time, as it could become more obvious to their peer groups. 

On the other hand, summer is often busy for parents, with the children at home, and it may feel too difficult to get divorced. You may also want the children to enjoy a relaxed and carefree holiday from school. Some parents actually begin to focus on divorce more after school resumes so that they can have more time to have those conversations without the kids around. 

What is best for your family?

As you can see, the key is to determine what will work best for your family. No matter what you decide, just be sure you know what legal steps to take