Technology can help with your child custody arrangements

| Feb 9, 2021 | Uncategorized |

The world in which we live is dominated by technology designed to help us manage many of our day-to-day needs. Family law issues involving children can also benefit from technology, especially child custody matters. A great many technology companies have created apps that divorced parents can use to facilitate their child custody orders.

Our family law attorneys want to share some of these apps with readers in the Dallas, TX, region. At the same time, we want to caution you about relying on technology to solve serious child custody problems. While technology can help you streamline your custody arrangements, it cannot replace the guidance of a lawyer when legal issues arise.

Useful co-parenting and custody management apps

Along with helping parents streamline their custody plans, these apps may also improve communication between you and your co-parent:

  • The Coparently app features color-coded calendars, tools to eliminate miscommunication and accurate record-keeping.
  • The Our Family Wizard app features a messaging board, expense tracking and calendar sharing. It is also approved by family law courts in all 50 states.
  • The 2Houses app offers calendar creation, financial reporting and journaling features to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Google Calendar has a basic free version, which co-parents can use to share schedules and create co-parenting calendars.

Using technology can help your family in many ways. As stated above, such technology can improve communication between you and your co-parent. In situations where co-parents cannot get along or communicate directly without fighting, some apps may eliminate a lot of tensions.

Please, continue reviewing the information available on our website and our blog for more insight into managing your child custody arrangements.