Who’s going to pay child support after your divorce?

| Dec 18, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When your spouse approached you and asked for a divorce, you were happy to oblige them. You knew that they wouldn’t change their mind, and their actions over the last several months showed you that your marriage was on the rocks.

Now, you want to be proactive in making sure your divorce has a minimal effect on your child. However, you’re to sure where to start with the topic of child support. You and your spouse agreed to share custody, so will you need to pay support, too?

Child support laws are complex

It’s the truth that child support laws are complex in Texas, and it can be hard to decide who should pay child support. If you both share custody of your child 50/50 and earn similar amounts, it might be something you want to discuss eliminating in your case. However, usually, it’s the noncustodial parent who will pay support, even if it’s just a small amount each month.

How long will you need to pay support if asked?

If you need to pay support (or if your spouse is asked to), that support will last until your child graduates from high school, turns 18 or is emancipated (in most cases). If you have only one child, then the state’s child support guidelines suggest paying 20% of the parent’s monthly income in support. 

In the case of children with disabilities, that rate may differ, because they may have greater financial needs. This is something to talk about with your spouse. If you cannot come to a reasonable agreement, then you may need to turn to the court for help.