Are you drifting apart from your spouse? 

| Aug 20, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Divorce does not always happen because something major gives you a reason to end your marriage right away. When people ask what happened, they may expect you to tell them something about your spouse being unfaithful or getting addicted to drugs. But the truth is that marriage often ends for the same reason any relationship ends: The two of you just drift apart. 

After all, saying you’ll stay together forever is a massive commitment. You may have never dated anyone for more than a few years before getting married, but now you’re going to commit to that one relationship for decades? Yes, it does work for some people, but you can see how monumental that goal sounds and how it may not always be that easy. 

This is perhaps one reason why divorce rates are so high for teen marriages. With most people getting married around the 28-32 range, someone who gets married at 18 may have more than a decade of extra time in that marriage. Is that just more time for them to drift away from their spouse and feel like it was a mistake?

When looking at young marriage, you also have to consider that the changes a couple experiences over time is more drastic. Someone may be wildly different at 28 than they were at 18, though they would be very similar at 38 to how they were 10 years before. Personal change can also cause a relationship to fall apart. 

Do you feel like this is happening in your marriage? If you do, make sure you know about all of the divorce options you have.