What kind of custody should you seek?

| Jul 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Knowing that you and your spouse are going to divorce, something that has been on your mind is working out what kind of custody plan to have. Beyond the actual schedule, you should look into the legal rights you want to retain as a parent. With child custody, there are two forms you may want to seek. They include both managing and possessory conservator. 

Not getting the right conservatorship can hinder your ability to make decisions about your child’s care and may make you feel like you’re not in control in any way. Here’s a little more about what you should know about the two kinds of conservators. 

What are the two kinds of conservators?

The managing conservator is the form of custody that allows parents to make decisions about a child’s medical care, financial needs and legal needs. Possessory conservators have the right to see their children, but they may not have the final say when other decisions are made. 

In most cases, the court wants to see parents negotiate joint custody agreements. However, there may be times when it’s better for one parent to be the managing conservator while they share the role of the possessory conservator. 

What kind of custody should you fight for?

Most parents want to have custody as managing conservators. They want to have a say in where their child goes to school, how they are treated for injuries and other important decisions.  Even a parent who does not see their child more than a day or two a week may want to have this kind of legal right, and it’s fair to fight for it.

Parents should seek the kind of relationship they want with their children. Our site has more on what to do if you want to guarantee a role in future decisions regarding your child’s care.