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Who gets custody of your pet in a divorce? 

You don’t have any children, so custody issues are not likely in your divorce. You do have to divide property, though, and you’ve been listing out your assets as you prepare to go to divorce court.  When you get to your pet, you realize that maybe custody is a bigger...

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Protecting your credit as you divorce

Divorce can be a highly emotional process. However, it’s also one where you have to make some very important decisions to protect your financial well-being. Part of this is protecting your credit. Even amicable divorces can affect your credit. You and your spouse are...

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Will divorce destroy my finances?

One thing that may hold you back from divorce is the financial aspect. You might have heard horror stories about people spending hundreds of thousands fighting for assets, only to lose them. Terrifying, isn’t it? Here’s what to focus on instead. Most divorces are not...

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